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Impact of color pigment on the
Date:[2014/10/16]    Clicks:[2162]

Impact of color pigment on the strength of injection molded parts

Pro, Jill today to share with you: some color pigments affect the strength of the injection molded parts, there are two points:

1) the strength of the defect caused by the kind of color matching
After melting because of color but also with the kind of raw material is heated sufficiently mixed in the injection molding machine barrel, unlike toner has previously within the reel machine and raw material mixing, so the use of color kind of color, injection molded parts prone to mixing problems.

More important is, as some kind of color itself is more serious brittle, and therefore high levels of injection molded parts will become brittle. If the division uneven color kinds concentrated injection folder waterlines position even worse. Hazard in this regard, black and silver species is the largest.

So, when you encounter the problem of mixing and brittleness can not be resolved, should use a color kind of color, it might be kind of changed color toner, I believe it will receive a very good improvement.

There is also a phenomenon needs our attention, in the production of black injection molded parts, sometimes not strictly in accordance with the requirements of the union ingredients recipe, the ingredients whim when adding black, so often there will be circumstances Cadogan, the color can not tell are black, sometimes intentionally give a little more worried about not black enough, which is why some black injection did not increase the number of outlet material will suddenly become very brittle main reason.

2) the impact of white injection molded parts in titanium dioxide content of strength

White dioxide injection is generally used to color. Titanium dioxide, the more white injection molded parts, injection molded parts, but also followed brittle.

Titanium is a metal powder, it is not miscible plastic, the equivalent of an impurity present in the plastic and undermine the connection of plastic and rubber and plastic structure between. Therefore, with increasing strength plastic content of titanium dioxide and declining, PVC parts like rubber and the like can be easily pulled off broken, injection molded parts have a folder where waterlines will fall even more serious.

Therefore, in the case to meet the color requirements, the content of titanium dioxide should be as little as possible.


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