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"Great Mid-Autumn Festival blessing" Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is bright, the moon is sweet!
Date:[2019/9/10]    Clicks:[45]

Spend a good moon night, Mid-Autumn Festival hi-Teng; Mingyue reunion, happy heart rise; life as a full moon, success with you, happiness like moonlight, shine your future!

The moonlight is beautiful in the evening, and the beautiful wines are also in the north and south of the river. The family group is sitting on a warm laughter, and the songs of the sky are high and cold, and the crowds are drunk and staggered. Thaksin dance to make a wish: Mid-Autumn Festival has a total of joy!

Yujie Mid-Autumn Festival blessing

From the moon to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the autumn is bright and the moon is bright, and the people of the moon are happy to celebrate the warmth of Kangtai Wanjia. Mid-Autumn Festival is here, I wish you a happy month and month, happy month and month, sweet month!

Mid-Autumn Festival, the round of the moon, round your heart and wish you the best. Happy and happy two reunion, spend a good month. Yujie wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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