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Orientation of plastic product
Date:[2014/10/16]    Clicks:[2492]

Orientation of plastic products or development opportunities

According to the national development plan, the future will focus on the development of agricultural plastic, building plastics, packaging, plastics and plastic products industry and the four major categories of products.

Plastic products are widely used, a huge industry for the development of downstream plastic products industry provides a strong support. With the introduction of "petrochemical industry revitalization planning rules", China's plastics industry usher in a new development opportunity.

Agricultural plastic products

National focus on the development of vegetables, flowers, cultivation of cash crops such as the needs of the various functional films, film and forage with film. The main aspects of the development of water conservancy water-saving irrigation equipment, pipes and channels impermeable membrane impermeable, and the different types of micro-irrigation (drip irrigation, micro jet, seepage pipes, etc.) equipment and a variety of geotechnical materials, to meet the needs of water-saving agriculture.

Building plastic products

Focus on the development to adapt to different regions, different building types serialization and standardization of supporting various types of pipes, pipe fittings and profiles (windows and doors), such as the upper and lower large diameter pipes, the new indoor water pipes, water pipes, gas pipes, composite pipe and composite profiles, various types of insulation materials, waterproofing materials, wall decoration materials.

Industrial and engineering products

Focus on the development of electronic, electrical, automotive, transportation, telecommunications, office equipment, sports fitness equipment as well as a variety of common defense industrial applications engineering plastics and accessories.

Plastic packaging products

Focus on the development of a variety of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other plastic packaging, in order to improve protection, extend the life of high barrier packaging material goods, hot-fill packaging materials, preservation materials, grain storage pest control materials mildew.

The focus of the above types of product categories such as production tubing products, extrusions, rolled products, films, etc. will gradually develop in the direction of economies of scale. With the great development of the above several plastic products, plastic machinery production of such products will also be sold along with this trend.

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